Self-organising silence gatherings

Come and meditate at someone's home. Share your practice in your community and contribute to more openness and happiness in your neighbourhoods, schools and workplaces.

Find or start a silence community.

Why practice together?

The benefits of cultivating inner stillness are clear. Yet many find it difficult to practice regularly. There always seems something else to do. And even when we get to practice, it can be difficult to focus and connect.  That is why increasingly people come together to practice and support each other. Somehow when we practice together it is easier and more inspiring. And in the process, we come closer together as communities.

Find or start a silence community.

About What We Share

What We Share is a platform where you meet open minded people looking to share their practice. You will find inspiration, practical tools and an overview of experienced facilitators who can help you initiate your silence or dialogue practice. Meet our team and read more about why we do what we do.