In a few words...

We bring people together through silence, dialogue and work with nature.

We help people self-organise gatherings to share silence. In living rooms, in schools, at work and in nature. In this way we hope to inspire trust and contribute to a happier and more inclusive society and a deeper connection with nature.

The slightly longer version...

Why is it that some people live happy lives full of love and others do not? What causes this divide? And why is it that happiness is experienced all around the world, sometimes irrespective of living conditions?

Could it be that the answer is within us? That we all have goodness within ourselves but that many of us simply lost touch with ourselves, with that goodness and the reason why we were born?

Could this sense of disconnection be the root cause of many of our societal and environmental problems of today? And if so, would opening up and reconnecting to our true selves help us address this issue?

We decided to explore these questions, starting with ourselves. We reduced the noise, developed a habit of sitting in silence and simply listened, to ourselves and to life around us. And we started sharing what we truly felt. This was liberating. We felt lighter, more energised and more purposeful. We started seeing that we had plenty of goodness within ourselves and started recognising the same goodness in others - and in nature.

We felt confident and started opening up our houses and our workplaces, inviting people to reconnect. We visited a prison and were deeply touched by the same goodness that so longed to be seen.

We knew we were on to something and started to use words and images to share what happens when we connect. What We Share was born.

People came to us and offered their living rooms, their workplaces and their schools. Others offered their access to nature. And most of all, people came to open up, to be seen, to be listened to. To experience what it is…we all share.

Our team is growing, you will find us below. Come and connect



Hans Leewens, inspirator

Hans inspires. As a CEO he introduced silence and dialogue practices in organisations already decades ago, proving that wholeness and sustainable profit go together.

He wrote books and encouraged people to find their true self and purpose. Over the past years, he has offered his guidance to the team and helped the team to find their unique way.

Hans is a proud father, grandfather and greatgrandfather, sharing his time between Brussels and Bourgogne.

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Jeroen Janss, founder & facilitator

A lifelong learner, father of three and social entrepreneur, Jeroen found much needed rest through his silence practice.

With time, he experienced that silence not only helps to decompress but also to connect to his “true” self and that of others. Something that seemed worth sharing. 

Jeroen now facilitates journeys of self-discovery through silence, dialogue and work with nature. And he continues to teach mindfulness and yoga at the Brussels Yoga Loft where he has been teaching since 2012.


Evita Werbrouck, facilitator

Evita is someone who you want to spend time with. Open minded, kind and a great listener, she naturally brings out the best in you. Evita facilitates dialogues and transforms informal gatherings in places of deep connection. 

In addition to being a teacher, social worker and a mother of four, Evita is also a roadie and manager of a heavy metal band of talented musicians with disabilities.


Stien Michiels, storyteller

Stien is a natural storyteller. She has the gift to write stories on the spot, making sense of what happens around her. A talent that Stien generously offers to support causes that touch her. 

Stien devotes much of her time to support "We Have the Choice", an organisation that creates meaningful moments together for people who experienced trauma.

Stien is also a passionate theater maker and is the executive director of Compagnie Tisserin. And if you are lucky you will catch her singing an aria - not bad for someone who thought she didn't have a voice!


HAns Stockmans, visual storyteller

HAns is a a story harvester, harvesting the intangible in authentic photography and the essence of words.

He is an award winning photographer and active for several great causes such as silenceforpeace and We Have the Choice.

Next time you see him ask why he prefers to spell his name with a capital A...



Daria Nashat, facilitator

Daria is a community builder, having worked in post-war zones and in local communities in Europe and the US. 

A German with Iranian roots, Daria is a natural bridge builder, ever looking for ways to bring people closer together. 

Daria is also passionate about education and raising well loved and free thinking individuals - and not just her own two children!