Sharing silence

About sharing silence: how it works, benefits, where to find a group near you and how to start your own group.

About silence

Silence is rare these days. Yet the benefits are so clear. A moment of silence helps to settle the busy mind, reduces worrying and allows us to connect to what matters most.

Increasingly efforts are made to create places of silence in schools and workplaces.

But is the absence of noise enough to bring inner silence or stillness?

More to follow soon. In the meantime, contact us if you want to know more.

Finding a place to practice

By coming together you support each other’s silence or meditation practice, helping to increase both the frequency and quality of the practice.

There is a growing number of places to learn about silence and to practice inner stillness. But location, price, cultural or religious dogmas can all be barriers.

What if silence would be part of your regular communal life? Practicing together in your neighbourhood or at the school of your children? Or at work? Simply sharing silence?

Find a place in your area to sit in silence together or come to one events that are listed here

Or sit on a cushion, whatever works!

Or sit on a cushion, whatever works!

Hosting & facilitating

The two roles that are essential for sharing silence is the host and the facilitator. They can be same person but they don't need to be.  There might be people who would really like to facilitate a gathering, but they don’t have space to host themselves. And there might be people with plenty of space who feel uncomfortable to facilitate.

We invite you to follow some guiding principles, while giving you the flexibility about where, when and how long to practice. Or whether to let silence follow by a round of sharing or dialogue. Or by something to eat or drink together.

More information on hosting and facilitating to follow soon. In the meantime, consider opening up your home and add it to our list of silence places.